The Dark Knight

Just as the name implies, The Dark Knight pokies are based on the film, The Dark Knight. The film starred Heath Ledger, an amazing actor who went before his time. The pokies recreates the film in theme, symbols and storyline, drawing influence and clips from the movie. The pokies game is full of features that can increase the already massive jackpot of $6,127,644. The game is available on PC, as well as through mobile devices for extensive play. The game is a fairly unique branded game in that you have to acquire the free spins and multipliers, which are achieved during random battles in the pokies. Learn more about the gameplay, in-game features and more.

Game Play

With beautiful graphics, this game is definitely a blockbuster win for Microgaming. The Dark Knight is a medium volatility pokies game that offers some pretty good wins if you have the time, budget and wilds to make it happen. There are tons of wilds all throughout the game, which is extremely beneficial. Some of these are unlocked as you go, while others are available from the start of the game. Among the different wilds, you can find rolling, expanding, stacked and extra wilds. All of the wilds offer some great payouts, rewards and bonuses to the gambler.

There are many different important symbols. The Batman logo is the wild symbol, and it doesn’t offer a multiplier. It only appears on reel 3, expanding to cover the entire reel. The symbol scramble is a randomly triggered feature that scrambles the symbols on the reel, which typically brings in small wins. There is a mode called Fight Mode Accumulator, which offers a fight between Bane and Batman. Each hit between them, the spin accumulator builds up free spins. You have to reach 25 free spins to earn good multipliers. In many cases, you’ll be given 3 bomb scatters instead of multipliers. The 3 scatters starts the next bonus, and the free spins you got is what you get.

First, you choose between Batman and Bane. During this round, you can win 10-40 times you original bet. Bane gives rolling reels. When you win, the winning combinations disappear and new symbols appear from above. After a few rounds of this, you can get stacked wilds and multipliers on the reels. Batman gives you an additional high symbol, which can be Bane, Batman, Blake, Miranda, Cat woman or Gordon. These will serve as additional wild symbols. Once you can get the heat seeking wilds, additional wilds can show up on reels 2-4. You can get split wilds and up to 6 symbol wins, which pay out double what a 5 symbol one would.

Free Spins

The downside to The Dark Knight is truly the free spins feature. The way the system works is very different from most online casino pokies games. The free spins round is kicked off by the 3 scatter symbols that will appear. However, to get the multipliers, you have to hit 25 free spins, which can prove to be quite difficult. The more frequently you manage to enter the free spins round, you are more likely to get the bigger wild symbols that occur during free spins. There’s Bane and Batman to choose from, but they can also have heat seeking wilds and super stacked wilds. These can give some big wins to players, and it seems to be already.

Progressive Jackpot

The Dark Knight’s progressive jackpot works kind of like Mega Moolah’s. There are four levels starting at $1,000,000. The $10,000 jackpot is the major, the minor is $100 and the mini is $10. These bonuses can be scored during normal spins, and typically bring you to a wheel feature in which you choose between the Joker and Batman. Any size bet can win the mega jackpot, so even low rollers can have a shot at the big one.

Final Thoughts

The Dark Knight is well-done, and sticks to the theme perfectly. The game is licensed and branded, ensuring that it offers excellent value. The payouts aren’t bad as long as you have the time and funds to keep playing.