History of Pokies

historyOne of the biggest questions that goes around when gamers get introduced to online pokies is where the term came from. The problem is that there are no documents that keep track of where and how the name came about. New Zealand gamers in pubs and casinos were almost always calling them that, or at least that’s how it seems. Pokies really only began to be called pokies in Australia. The name may stem from the days when video poker and slots were available, back in the days when everything was called a “poker machine”. These machines have made huge leaps and bounds in terms of the technology, fairness and regulations. Overall, the machines are less bulky and they have progressed to online and mobile usage.

The first pokies game was created in the United States by a developer named Charles Fey. The game, Liberty Bell, was almost an instant hit among gamblers from coast to coast. These pokies finally made their way to Australia in the early 1900’s, though they were extremely simple and illegal in the area. Pokies in particular were illegal in spite of the extreme popularity among most gamblers in the country. When Aristocrat appeared in 1953, players were thrilled. Pokies were becoming the future with high quality detail, graphics and potential. Aristocrat created Clubman, starring Joe Heywood, a strange character with a shallow story. Two years later, Aristocrat replaced Clubman with Clubmaster. As games became even more advanced, New Zealand gamers found themselves impatiently waiting for pokies to become legal.

The government over New South Wales chose to legalize pokies machines in 1956 with the requirement that they be registered and licensed. The law came complete with requirements that machines needed to meet in order to qualify for a registration and license. Following this legalization, pokies exploded across the country. The machines were extremely simple then with only the betting options and pulling handle incorporated. However, it wasn’t long before the machines were enhanced with lights, additional reels, multiple paylines and other new factors. In the 1980s, video pokies were released in Australia that offered even more in the way of themed games. The video pokies had 5 reels that spun all around with a wider range of paylines and tons of ways to boost your winnings. They had begun to include gamble games and free spins as well. By the 1990’s, Australia began to approve the use and inclusion of pokies machines for pubs, which led to even more widespread use across Australia. In particular, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia began to saturate in pokies of all types. However, today, there are pokies available in any casino, pub and club.

Online Pokies

Internet casinos began to establish themselves in the early 1990’s as well, creating even more ways for New Zealand gamblers to have fun and place bets. Regulations are in place to keep online casinos fair and reliable to ensure gamblers aren’t being scammed. The Gaming Club is among the oldest internet casinos around, and it has continued to be around to this day. Online gambling in Australia has some mildly confusing laws, however as a whole, New Zealand players are able to access internet casinos. However, internet casinos are not currently permitted to base their operations in Australia. Most online casinos use Microgaming and Playtech software to run their pokies games. As more traditional pokies machine games move to internet and mobile playing, gamers are finding out the amazing ways to enjoy them.