Playtech software for New Zealand

palytechLaunched in 1999, Playtech was right behind Microgaming as the online casino industry began to develop and improve. Since their release, Playtech has been among the most important software providers for a number of reason. They use multiple platforms to offer New Zealand players a way to enjoy online gaming terminals through a single account and several options: mobile, online, broadcast and server. Playtech is often used for pokies, sports betting, online casino games and sports gambling. Playtech is licensed and regulated to ensure that they offer completely fair software and operate legitimately within the regulations of any jurisdiction. The company has only been improving and it’s exciting to see how far they have come. Playtech integrated with GTS in 2010, as well as Ash Gaming, PTTS, Mobenga and Intelligence Gaming. They were quickly added to the UK Main Market in 2012 for their huge climb to success. It should be noted that while Playtech runs beautifully and legitimately as a professional company, there are some casinos that are paired with Playtech software that are less so. In some cases these casinos may prevent one from withdrawing, changing terms and conditions and reject payment plans. These problems are not the fault of Playtech, but rather the company, so it is best to find online casinos that we have listed here to ensure you won’t be scammed or harassed.

New Zealand Accessible: Playtech and Instant Play

Playtech offers shockingly realistic instant play options for gaming in Australia. It also offers full download software and mobile options to players seeking the thrill and fun in an even better way. Instant play offers a wide range of online casino games, safe and secure banking, withdrawal and deposit options, and beautiful graphics, audio and more. The full download software offers gamers access to over 500 Playtech-run casino games from pokies to cards to scratch and more.

Security Features

Playtech operates using some pretty high tech safety and security features and measures. There’s ultra-secure banking technology to offers easy to access transaction and gaming histories to ensure that there isn’t any improper charges or problems. In addition to that, gamers can chat within the game with live support and receive 24/7 customer support anytime of the day or night. You can be sent surprise promotions and generous VIP rewards for playing faithfully with Play Tech.

Software Features

Playtech software has a wide range of innovative features for a unique gaming experience. New Zealand players can take advantage of these features with ease, and make huge changes that are best suited to their gambling style. You can alter the game speed to slow it down or speed it up. There is a way of choosing your own preferred screen mode, as well as selecting between multi-hand or single-hand play options. You can have several windows up to have multiple games going at once, which is an exciting way to experiment with online pokies games. Each year, Playtech releases at least 50 or so new casino games. There are over 500 pokies games, and they offer some of the best in the industry. Most pokies games by Playtech come with amazing bonus features including special symbols that can earn you big wins, progressive jackpots, high RTPs and multi-platform potential.

Final Words

Playtech is among the most reputable casinos including in the UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa. The company is constantly working to improve their software, feature options and ability to enhance the overall gambling experience for gamers of any bank roll. They regularly release new pokies games with excellent storylines, graphics, animations and bonus games. They take part in progressive jackpots pretty regularly, encouraging many players to try their hand at a big win. With this many options, any New Zealand player will be entranced by Playtech, their features and the wide expanse of online gaming they offer to any player.