Poli banking for New Zealand

poli casino depositsPoli is an amazing banking option available to New Zealand players. It accepts New Zealand dollars, eliminating currency exchange rates and other fees. It has proven itself as a leading payment processor and it offers real time debit payment systems to New Zealand users. Poli offers huge levels of protection to their users. Essentially, using Poli is like using a proxy server to access a website. You go onto poli, and access your bank account through its servers. You can confirm transactions through websites on your computer or mobile device. The site doesn’t collect information, and offers an extensive privacy policy. When you make a transaction, all information is hidden and secret. Poli performs frequent security scans for vulnerability, penetration tests with a security firm and offer the security credentials of their system to any New Zealand user. Poli only operates using a 2048-bit SSL with certifications. The proxy server is created between the user and the bank with additional security against threats. They perform transaction integrity checks to avoid fraud, and apply all virus and windows updates to their servers. Poli regularly scans their various files for changes and offer a number of Firewall security layers.

Using Poli at an Online Casino

When you want to start using Poli as a form of payment at an online casino, you need to make a deposit into the casino account first and foremost. You can’t start playing without having some funds ready in your account. You simply visit the online casino, and click the cashier to view the various payment options that are available to online gamers in Australia. You select Poli and proceed with your payment. The casino will be given the okay within seconds, and all your funds will be ready and waiting inside your account! You can get started playing almost immediately.

When you want to make a withdrawal through Poli, you will need to create an account with the program. The account is completely free to sign up for, though they do charge a fee for transactions. There is a $0.30 transaction fee with an additional 0.9% fee based on the value of your transaction. When you are ready to make a withdrawal, you can simply select Poli from the list and sign into your account when it pops up.

Benefits of Using Poli for Online Games

Poli offers a wide range of benefits to New Zealand gamers. For one, it is solely available to New Zealand and New Zealanders. The system is an extremely user friendly website that is very easy to operate, even for beginners to the site. The program allows you to access your bank account without sending any information whatsoever to the online casino. You don’t even have to register for an account with Poli to use it! All the funds are transferred straight from your bank account to the casino account. Poli is completely free to use, 100% safe and totally secure, and you will instantly get a confirmation of payment. In addition, Poli accepts the use of a wide range of New Zealand-based banking options. Anyone who wants to use an online casino without using a credit card or signing up for another online payment account, Poli is an excellent option for you! All in all, New Zealand players will have no trouble using Poli as a way to transfer their funds in a discreet way.

Final Words

When you want to be completely certain of your financial and identity’s safety, choosing Poli is the way to go. The online site use a unique proxy server to transfer your funds without sharing a single shred of information with the other websites. You can register for Poli to start taking withdrawals from your online casino, which allows you to use the same methods for deposits and withdrawals, saving you from additional accounts. Poli makes a fantastic guarantee for your safety.