UKash banking for New Zealand

ukash banking casinoSince 2005, UKash has become a widely loved and known payment processor. Online New Zealand gamers can take advantage of UKash to use cash in hand to apply funds to their online casino accounts, as well as to make a variety of other transactional purchases. Adding funds is simple and can be done almost anywhere that offers the vouchers. You simply get the voucher with cash, and you are given a 19-digit code that represents the money you have in cash for the UKash. It is sort of like Amazon giftcards in the respect that you are given an access code that grants you access to the funds. UKash has worked tirelessly to provide users with a quick, safe way to transfer money discreetly.

Using UKash for Online Gaming

When you are ready to start using UKash at your online casino, you’ll realize that it’s really simple and fast. Under the payment/deposit section, there will be an area titled Payment Options. You can choose from the list of options to select ‘Prepaid Cards’, which is what UKash is considered. Select UKash below those options and input the 19 figure code into the field. Select the currency and input the amount you want to transfer from the UKash to the account. Before the transaction is completed, you will receive a verification email and a new 19 figure code that represents your new total balance. Unfortunately, you can’t make withdrawals using UKash since it is simply a prepaid card. Some online casinos require the full funds from the UKash code.

Benefits of Using UKash to Fund Online Casino

UKash offers New Zealand gamers a range of benefits when used for an online casino. All payments made using UKash is transferred instantly, and the funds are available immediately in the casino account. You are able to access it immediately, and start gaming. All payments are completely safe and reliable to use. There is no need to provide any sensitive information, including bank accounts, personal and credit card information. This allows you to keep information private from the online casino rather than having to reveal unnecessary information with a third party. The only information that is shared is the UKash code and amount on the voucher. UKash doesn’t require a credit check or an account to use the vouchers, and all deposits through UKash are completely hidden. Another great thing about UKash is that you can only gamble the amount of money that you place onto it. UKash is available in various currencies, including New Zealand dollars, which allows you to ignore any conversion rates.

The negative sides to UKash are very minimal. You can register for an account to buy vouchers online, you have to go out and physically get a new voucher and code. Registering for an online account with UKash can allow you to order online codes whenever you want to. It can be frustrating to type in such long digits, since most people make at least one mistake without realizing it and have to start the whole process over again. Finally, you can’t make withdrawals using UKash. Many people may be disappointed by this, since most prefer to use a single method for both deposits and withdrawals.

Final Words

UKash has been known as among the most useful and simple ways to send money to an online casino account. You don’t need to offer up your personal details, bank information or anything about your financials. You don’t even need to link a bank account, credit card or anything else. Instead, you use straight up cash to add funds to UKas. UKash is a widely acceptable depositing method that woks at most online casinos. The deposits are instant, safe and confirmed quickly. There are many awesome benefits associated with using UKash to apply funds to your online casino account that can make it much simpler for New Zealand gamers to continue to play.