Downloadable vs. No Download casinos for New Zealanders

Downloadable vs. No Download casinos for New Zealanders

Oliver Williams Oliver Williams | Updated: March 17, 2019

At times, you will be presented with two options of accessing the online casino interface. These include the downloadable version of the game and the flash play option of the same. Though both of these allow you to access the same interface and enjoy the same games, they both have their pros and cons, as you will see shortly in this section.

Download Casinos

This option will require you to actually download the casino and install it on your computer. This means that you will need to access the casino’s website from which you will have the link to download the casino application. This will be packaged with all the animations, libraries, sound and visuals among other things that you will need to play the game. With this, you will simply need to install it using the instruction on the download section of the application and then you can access the game interface using the link on the desktop. Once you open the game’s interface, then you will be prompted to enter your login credentials, after which a short verification step will follow shortly and then you can start enjoying your game.


There are a number of things about this game that you will actually get to enjoy such as: It is somewhat faster as you will have all the libraries and animations needed installed on your computer and hence need less bandwidth and a better game experience; You will not need to rely on the browser as all you need is an internet connection and a simple click on the application to start playing; You will also have a minimal interaction with the server, meaning that your gaming session will be very smooth and secure as well, as there is no exposure to any hacks whatsoever.


Though it has a number of benefits, some of the disadvantages include: The download package is quite big and hence costly in terms of the initial bandwidth needed; Most of the downloadable versions of the games are only available in the windows platform and hence limit the Mac and Linux users; You will need to move with your PC everywhere if you wish to enjoy the game from other locations, as it is not wise to install it on multiple computers with your credentials; These may take a considerable amount of disk space and hence a limiting factor.

No Download Casinos

There are some of the casinos online in NZ that will prompt you to download the casino software so that you can be able to access their games. The steps to follow are: first, make sure that your device platform is supported by the casino site. This means that you have to check whether the model of the phone that you are using can support the casino application. There are some sites that can auto detect your device and if supported will allow you to download. Make sure that your device will also have the required storage space to accommodate the application. It will also be required to be fast so that you will enjoy the smoothness of the game. After downloading the application, make sure that you password protect the application so as to prevent unwanted access to your account which might mess up your gambling experience. Finally, make sure that you have an anti-virus installed in your device so as to prevent malicious applications like malwares from destroying the application and your gambling progress.


For the instant play casino games or the browser based casino games there a number of merits that brits will enjoy. First, you will not be required to have your device with you as in the case of the download option. This means that you can access your account from any device making gambling easier. You will also find that games are smoother as most of the rendering of the game’s graphics is done by the computers in the casino. The games will load faster that is if you have a slow device. There are some things that you will need to make sure that they are in order before you begin to play the browser-based casino games. First make sure that you have the latest web browser with the latest plug-ins that will aid in rendering the graphics. You will also be required to have an internet security antivirus and firewall to prevent unwanted access to your account remotely.

There are a number of disadvantages with this option including: All you will need is an internet connection and a web browser; They will not take up any of your hard drive space whatsoever; All the web browsers out there will allow you to play the game so long as you install the flash player.


This option has its own disadvantages as well such as: They may be slower in terms of load time, as all the graphics and audio is being loaded from the server; You will waste a lot of time in in terms of log in to the website and awaiting the verification process before you actually start to play your game; You will be open to a number of security threats such as the XSS and SQL injection web interface threats and hence put your funds at risk.

From the foregoing, it is clear that of the two the downloadable version of the game is most preferred. However, people are different and you may find the flash play version to be quite advantageous on your end. The end game is always enjoy your game in a manner which suits you best and this is why you have to follow your taste for this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions for No Download Casinos:

Do I require fast internet speeds?

Yes, on average a speed of 200 KBPS will enable you to gamble with ease. A slow internet connection will make the games slow and if you are playing tournament games you will get the results late. Always make sure that your internet speeds are stable and from a credible source.

Are the no download games fair?

The browser based games are similar to the download games only their mode of access is different. For the download option, brits will be required to download and install the casino software in their devices while for the no download casino, they can access their accounts from their browsers. As long as the casino is certified then the games offered in both will be fair.

This rendition of the online casinos actually presents you with the option of playing the games using the browser based version or flash play option. What this means is that all you will need is simply your web browser and get started enjoying your bonuses. With this option, you will need to fill in the login form, wait for the verification process and if all is okay, you will be logged in.

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