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These games work perfectly on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. Not all games will display on mobile devices because these games use Flash which is not allowed by Apple devices for example. Therefore on this page we provide games that work on all mobile devices regardless of your type of phone.

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There are many slot games that you will be given to choose when you join the online casino and also in the land based casinos that are there. The game is managed by a Random Generator Software that is not easy to beat. In fact, all the games that the RNG software manages are totally random making the games fair. Playing slots online is way better compared to when you play in the land based casinos. You will save on travel expenses as you will not have to travel so as to gamble. There is anonymity in online casinos than in the land based casinos where you will seat with your opponents face to face. The games are also relatively cheaper than in the land based casino. You will be required to have a small bankroll. It is easy to tamper with the land based slots reel but the online slots reel cannot be tampered with to favor any player. Finally the games in the online casinos are faster as the human instructor is replaced by the RNG software for the game algorithm and the real time gaming software that is responsible for the casino interface.

Microgaming pokies

It goes by not saying that since time immemorial, whenever any type of pokies is mentioned, then Microgaming comes into the picture. This is undeniably true, owing to the fact that this pokies provider has been in the industry long enough to fully understand all the needs of the users and hence deliver top notch games. For instance, you might want to try out Bridesmaid which is one of the top rated Microgaming products.

What can define Microgaming?

Clearly, Microgaming may be thought of as being one of the founding fathers of the online casino industry. It is the efforts of the team which has actually revolutionized the industry. Basically each and every application appertaining to online casino games will have a connection in one way or another to Microgaming – its reputation precedes it. Along these lines, it has also been noted to be one of the trusted suppliers of over 650 online casino games by reputed auditors and legislation authorities.

Why choose Microgaming then?

You may be wondering why many players actually end up choosing Microgaming distributions over other distributors products. For one, you have to acknowledge their efforts and the fact that they offer some of the best jackpot values in the industry today, having recorded a total of more than $300 million worth of jackpots. Microgaming software are periodically and thoroughly tested to ascertain that they conform to the online pokies gaming standards. Their application is 100% safe and fair to use, with no fixations of outcomes whatsoever. Moreover, it is also worth noting that time and again, Microgaming has been nominated for top notch results and performance and hence the reason as to why you should follow the masses in this case. People with experience with the game will give you the idea of what to expect from the games in general.

What makes it so popular?

One of the main reasons as to why Microgaming has been so popular and most of its pokies games as well is the fact that it delivers variant renditions of games. You will get the chance of enjoying both the flash play and the download version of each and every online casino game which is offered by Microgaming.

You will also realize that with Microgaming, there are a number of games which have a remarkable and striking cumulative give away prizes. Though these prizes may only be won by registered members, they are ideally worth your while. Another impressive feature is that the applications is available in almost every language out there and hence you will have an easy time whilst using the application in New Zealand. Moreover, if you get stuck at any step or cannot be able to understand some step, the customer support service is there to aid you.

What benefits do you get as a player?

To begin, the game will allow players to have the chance of viewing their gaming history. This means that you don’t need to keep yourself overloaded about your previous bets as the casino does this for you. Moreover, players have one of the best gaming experiences thanks to the smooth tables and impressive choice of pokies controls. It is also very easy to learn for the newer players. Another amazing thing about the games is that they allow the players to enjoy the tournaments. Whether a Sit and Go tournament or a freeroll, you will stand better chances of elevating your bankroll value and get the best of outcomes in a jiffy.

You get the ultimate funds safety. What this means is that you will realize that all your funds are 100% safe and secure, as Microgaming has been crowned the eCOGRA approval, as well as being fully licensed by major gambling authorities. You as a player will never get bored, owing to the rich innovation team of Microgaming. This is because Microgaming has won endless rewards following the fact that it is one of the best online casino developers, when it comes to innovation.

As you can see, Microgaming is there to offer you some of the best sessions of play, as well as secure ones. If you are new to that online pokies game, then it is best to stick to the rendition offered by Microgaming as it understands its users, with regard to their needs.

Playtech Pokies

This is one of the leading online pokies developers as well as the brainchild behind hundreds of other online casino games. Playtech boasts over 350 online pokies games and hence a reputed and credible supplier of online casino games to begin your gambling from. For instance, the games offered with this team include branded ones such as Gladiator, the Hulk and Pink Panther among others, all of which have had reputed and impressive previews from the users. This is why you have to give the games from this dealer a shot.


Since time immemorial, online slots as it was known back then was predominantly provided to people by Playtech. It was this idea that then found itself to some of the land based casinos and finally with the present technology, is available for play in mobile devices and tablets. It is also worth noting that the games delivered are not just out of the blues, these are games which have been invested heavily on to give you as the player the best of service as well – Avengers Pokies, Texas Holdem Pokies among others.

What makes Playtech different?

Generally speaking, Playtech actually has turned the phase of online pokies by introducing some of the best and intriguing interfaces and play graphics. For instance, the 3D effects and top quality audio and animations are some of the things which players look for in online pokies. All of these have been communicated well in Playtech’s online pokies. Moreover, other games are also communicated in the most efficient and realistic manner such as the live dealers when it comes to games like blackjack online.

How good is Playtech?

Needless to say, for an online pokies firm, Playtech has clearly shown impressive results on the London Stock Exchange analysis. What this means is that the online pokies software by Playtech has been authorized and ascertained to be on the norm with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission – supported by TST certification. This being one of the strictest online gambling authority bodies, then you clearly see why Playtech is deemed as being that good – a positive remark from the best makes them the best.

What else does Playtech offer players with?

To begin, most of the Playtech games will be available for play in both the download and no download versions of the same games. Along these lines, it is worth noting that Playtech has somehow tried to ensure that the delivered flash play options are top notch to cater for seasonal or trial players who don’t download the game.

Moreover, Playtech also avails to the players a platform from which they can be able to monitor all their gaming in the Playtech website. This means that you have the chance of seeing your betting history as well as your best and worst hands in the games. Moreover, the games offer the players with the frequent player points – quite amazing. Finally there is the amazing unified platform technology. This basically serves the role of ensuring that the player can have access to all their games within the Playtech network with the same account credentials – username and password. This has been very helpful for the frequent players.

So, why should you choose Playtech then?

As you can see, Playtech actually is primed to ensure that its players have had the best time interacting with the games. This has also been seconded by the fact that the games offered are of high quality as well as conform to the required standards too. This has actually been tested and ascertained to be true by reputed auditors of online casinos. Moreover, it is best to simply go with what most people think about Playtech.

What this means is that whenever you take a look at the games offered in Google market for instance, all the ones delivered by Playtech have a higher rating and number of downloads – meaning they are top notch. Finally, if you are looking to have interesting features as well as newer and up to date game session in your online pokies, then Playtech will never disappoint. It is up to date with the current trends and the user demands, hence you can anticipate nothing short of spectacular.

Pokie Tournaments

Clearly, one of the most amazing and entertaining experiences when it comes to online pokies are none other than the online pokies tournaments. Some of the best tournaments such as the Tuesday Power Hour or the Weekly Kickoff are some of the tournaments which you should give a though if you want to take place in one.

What really defines online pokies tournaments?

Online pokies tournaments may be thought of as being an opportunity for the better and other aspiring pokies player to make the most of their gambling. What this means is that these are just periodic events which allow the players to elevate their shots of winning the lump sum jackpot value which is on the table, elevating with each passing game session. With these, players have the chance to win titles as well, and these will reflect in their profile too. It is worth noting that usually, this is offered by Microgaming websites, as they are the best when it comes to variety as well as quality. Usually, there are a number of tournament categories, some of which have been covered below, to make you have a better understanding of the tournaments.

What are freeroll pokies?

Usually, these kinds of tournaments are primed to enabling the lower rollers to have a stake in the tournaments just as the higher rollers. Usually, these are hosted on regular basis, and most Microgaming websites actually have multiple tournaments per day. These games simply entail the players playing on the same pokies title and the player will be contesting to collect as many credits as they can on the title within the allocated time slot. Usually, you may realize that the prize pool is often lower for these games, as the players don’t need to pay any fees to enter this kind of tournament.

What does a Sit and Go Event involve?

Usually, this will require the participant to pay some fee for them to be able to enter the competition. One unique thing about this type of tournament is that it doesn’t have set start and end times as it commences as soon as there are enough player on the table to play. Usually, these tournaments are can be held at any time whenever players feel like participating in one and the benefits are quite handsome to the winning player in the table. However, the only limiting factor with this tournament is that it is only available to the real money players of the casino – free players cannot benefit from this.

What makes scheduled tournaments different?

These are actually the big deal. They attract most of the players owing to the fact that they have higher and better offers on the table as well as guaranteed winnings. Moreover, these are made distinct from the other options as a player will be required to actually register for a space, prior to the tournament to have their seat on the table reserved. So, the game will kick off with all the players having the same number of cards. Then during the game session, which is marked by some higher and lower limit, the winner of the game will be rewarded handsomely with real play money prize.

As you can see, there are very many tournaments categories, all of which have very many other versions of the same. Thus, if you are a new player, you might want to consider starting with the freeroll tournaments, so as to get accustomed to the game. Well, if you are an expert, why not seize the opportunity and enjoy the benefits? All you need to have in mind about the tournaments is that they are a way of exposing you out there to the real competition.

It makes you have a feel of how other players are interacting with the casino and gives you the chance to learn a tip or two from the same. Though you might not be able to make the most of the tournaments if you are a new player, pokies are all about luck, wit and experience. The more you play, the more you learn and then better you will become as well. So, don’t be discouraged if you don’t win during your first tournament sessions.

Jackpot pokies

When it comes to online jackpot pokies, you have to think of them as the only way that enables you to accumulate your bonuses from prize pools, which may actually get to millions of dollars. Some of the most common jackpot options available out there include Mega Moolah, Cash Splash and Major Millions among others.

What defines progressive jackpot pokies?

Progressive jackpot pokies are the slots which allow you to win from the casino in an increasing manner. What this means is that you will continue winning until you finally get to hit the winning combination. Usually, the games will allow you to realize very big wins as well as give you the chance of maintaining your casino budgets. It is also worth noting that with this rendition of pokies, you will actually need to place higher wager values as opposed to the traditional versions of the same – the rewards of course being higher as well.

Hence, with each and every wager that is placed, the games will offer jackpots with each and every increasing wager, realizing very high wager values on the long run. You may be wondering whether these are actually worth your while. As a matter of fact they are, as you stand a chance of winning up to $1 million worth of a progressive jackpot. This is why you will find that the casino will often remind you and encourage you to try out the jackpot option.

How do these really work?

For you to be able to play the game as a progressive player, you will be required to register for the real money play option. Usually, you will realize that if you are a free play player, you will be limited from using the progressive jackpot play option. Assuming that you have already registered and are playing the games for real money, the next thing is to place wagers and try out the massive jackpot offers.

You can simply begin this by selecting the game which may be a traditional version of the game. You will then be required to select the number of play lines which you will be playing the games with, after which you will start your game. Usually, you will come to realize that a majority of the progressive pokies jackpots which you will be playing at will require you to place a maximum bet. Along these lines, it is also worth noting that a majority of these will allow the players to select a coin denomination so that they are in control of their gaming sessions.

So, suppose you fail to select the maximum bet and then there is the winning combination, you will not win the actual progressive jackpot, but will be rewarded with a fixed jackpot payout instead – you have to take risks when it comes to progressive jackpots. Then again, you have to remember that the option is only available to players who have real money in their account – free players will not enjoy these benefits whatsoever.

What are the pros and cons of progressive pokies?


Some of the benefits which you will get include enjoying the massive bonus round payouts if you are playing a game that offers the bonus rounds. It may surprise you that a majority of the payouts usually come from the deposit section. Hence, if you are lucky enough, a single spin may utterly change your odds unimaginably.

You will also realize that this game will allow you to enjoy the tiered jackpots – meaning that there is more than one jackpot available for you to enjoy. These are so popular if many, as the pay per tiered jackpot is quite minimal than the fixed jackpots.


The main drawback of this option is that it will deplete your bankroll faster since maximum bets are usually required.

Moreover, with the progressive jackpots, the payout will be lower, discouraging the low rollers from placing wagers in these games.

Criteria used to choose the best Online Slots Casino

When choosing an online casino so as to play slots, there are some key things that you will be required to put into consideration. Some of the characteristics to look for in a good online casino include:

  • Top NZ slots casinos online will offer you with a wide variety of games. A casino online is said to be of high standards if they can offer a wide game variety. Game variety will keep the player entertained as they shift from game to game.

  • A good online casino will also offer meaningful and not exaggerated bonus offers. You will also be awarded with working bonus codes and the validity of the bonuses is quite favorable.

  • Casino reviews when positive about that casino then it implies that the services that they offer will be superior. Reviews are written by players who have had a spin in the casino and those reviews are opinions of different players.

  • Best online slots casinos are also known for offering good means of transaction for their players. There also no delays when it comes to withdrawals and their procedures to do so is simple.

Online Slots Bonuses

There are a number of bonuses that you will get when you join the online casinos. Usually a bonus can either be cashable or playable. A playable bonus is a type of bonus whereby you will be given free spins in the reel. Make sure to always play the bonus games as through them you will be able to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. The cashable bonus on the other hand you will be given money. However, you will not be able to withdraw that money and can only be used for the real money games. Any win that you will make with the bonus money you will be allowed to retain.

What are the forms of Payment that are available?

There are many forms of payment that you can use to claim your win when you are in the online casino. When choosing a method of transaction, make sure that it is affordable, reliable and most of all accepted in the casino that you have joined. Some of the most common available means of transaction include PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer and Skrill. When choosing the method make sure that you are aware of the durations taken for the money to be processed and also make sure that you do not mistake your account information.

Why I was not granted access to my casino account?

There are a number of reasons as to why you will not be able to access your account online. First when you happen to use the wrong password then you will not be granted access to the casino. If you have forgotten the password then make sure to use the available recovery methods so as to regain access. You will also not be granted access to the casino if it under maintenance. This means that you will have to wait till they complete. When you violate some of the terms of the casino, there are some whose punishment is being suspended. If so, make sure to consult with the casino live assistant for further instructions. Finally, you will also not be granted access to the account if you relocate to a geographical location where they are restricted from accessing the casino.

Are there free games at online casinos?

Yes, if you are not willing to play the real money games, there are free games that you can play in the NZ online casino. Usually they are put here so that players can practice some of the skills that they can use for real money games. You are advised to read the casino reviews on the casino games and then with the newly acquired skill set you practice with the free games. There are also money games where you will have to place actual money bets and when you win you will be allowed to withdraw the winnings.

Slots is a game where a player bets on a number of reels and after spinning if the picture facing the player is common in all the reels then they have won. This is an exciting game which involves pictures of this common to our daily Britain life. You are required to be aware of the fact that reels cannot be predicted online due to the random nature of casino games. In this article some of the basic preparations that you are required to make if you are a new player will be explained.

Slots Online Reviews

Slots reviews are articles that are written by experts after carefully analyzing a casino. They act as guides through which one will be able to tell whether the casino they are joining is top notch or not. From reviews also, you will be able to tell the legal age of some of the reviewed casinos and how it varies in others. Some reviews also include users comments and ratings. The comments are made by players who are members of the reviewed casinos. Make a point of reading the reviews so as to witness the problems they are facing in the casino before you actually join it. Through the slots reviews also you will be taught on how to play the game and ways that you can rely on to improve the probability of winning. When reading reviews make sure to make your own decision on the choice of casino based on the knowledge that you will have gained after reading the review.

Methods of Payments in slots real money games

There are real money slots game where you will be allowed to deposit an amount of money to your casino account to gamble with. You will be required to join a legal and certified online casino so as to prevent the likelihood that you might be robbed off your money. Some of the ways that you can transact with in the online casinos include: PayPal, NE Teller, Skrill, NZash, MasterCard and Wire transfer. When using all these means of transaction, you will incur transaction charges. To avoid high costs in transaction charges make sure that you choose a method of transaction that you can afford and also reduce the number of transactions that you carry out.

Slots online casinos VS Land based slots casinos.

The slots online casinos are way superior compared to their land based counterpart. Some of the advantages that you will experience as you gamble in the slots online casino are that you can actually play the casino games from anywhere. Since they are online then it means that they can be accessed from anywhere. You will also be at liberty to choose the time that you prefer to gamble online. Usually they are not closed unless they are undergoing maintenance or upgrades. The games in the online casinos are faster compared to those in the land based casinos. You will also find that a single online casino can offer quite a large variety of games that you can choose from. This makes them flexible for all players making online slots casinos superior compared to the land based casinos in the NZ.

Slots FAQ

How will I increase my odds of winning?

To increase the rates of winning in slots, you will have to make sure that you place bets on more than one reel. Since the games in the casino are based on the RNG software then you will have had improved your likelihood to win the casino game. You can also improve the chances of winning when you play in a certified casino. These casinos will offer you with favorable payout rates of up to 95%. You will also find that the games that they offer are fair hence offering a better chance to win.

Do I have to be 18 years and above to play?

Yes, according to the law, you have to be of the age of 18 years and above. You will be required to upload a scanned copy of your ID so that you can be allowed gamble in online casinos in NZ. You will also find that there are some of the casinos online that you have to be of the age of 21 years and above.

How will I win slots online games?

You are not guaranteed that you will win the slots reels as the games are fair and random. The only improvement that you can make is to make sure that you have placed bets on more reels. This will improve your chances of winning. Playing in a legal and certified casino will also be of help in that they will offer you with fair games.

Are there slots systems that work?

Slots systems do not work in the online casinos due to the random nature of the casino games. Brit players can only maximize their chances of winning. Do not waste time going through the strategies not unless you are to play in the land based casinos.

Do I have to download the casino software to play?

It is not a must that you will be required to download the casino software so that you can play. There is the flash version of the casino games where you will be allowed to play through your web browser.