A basic guide for beginner New Zealand casino players

A basic guide for beginner New Zealand casino players

Oliver Williams Oliver Williams | Updated: May 24, 2021

Although there are thousands of casinos and choosing one may sound easy, we advise players to watch the following short video that explains the top 5 recommendations for beginner online casino players:

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gnMgR1Fd1Y

One of the hardest thing when it comes to playing online casino games is getting to understand how the entire drill actually takes place. Time and again, people have a hard time connecting with the game from the word go – the moment they are presented with the idea of online gambling. As such, it is paramount to actually savvy all that is required of you as a new layer from start to end if you are to enjoy the game and actually get a new attitude towards the games – if you disliked them at first. So, this section is basically divided into three detailed steps.

Downloading and installation

Before you actually interact with the game, the first thing you have to do is have a way to access the games. There are two renditions of online casinos: downloadable and no download casinos. The former allows the player to actually install a package of their casino on their hard disk, while the other version requires the players to play from their browser. The good thing about the download version is that it allows the players to enjoy the game in a faster manner with a slower internet connection, with all the game requirements in the game. However, download versions will only be compatible with windows, while no download are compatible with all platforms.

After downloading the application you can simply install it by double clicking on it. This will setup all the libraries, graphics, audios and programming which is needed for the casino, on your hard disk.

Usually, it is best to download the application from the website of the casino which you are playing at, as this will deem the application trusted and actually up to date with the casino. Moreover, if you have any difficulties with the installation, all this can be found on the casino’s website.

Once everything is set and you have the application, then you simply click on the link available on your desktop. In some cases however when you don’t wish to download the application, you can still enjoy the games by visiting the casinos website. However, with the latter option, you will need a higher bandwidth rate as opposed to using the download rendition of the game.

Steps to get started playing

The most basic way to get started playing online is simply download and install the application of the casino you wish to play at, or opt for the flash play version of the game. The next thing is simply register for an account. Here, you will be asked to supply a number of your demographics such as your age, gender and email address among other things which may be used in identifying you. You will then be sent your password and other login credentials.


Now that you have the connection established, the next thing you have to do is simply register for an account. Account registration will require of you a number of demographics about you, all of which you have to provide correctly. For instance, you will be required to supply your name, your age, email address and postal address among others. Along these lines, if you wish to play the game for real money, then you will need to supply your desired currency option as well, and this will be used for your gambling.

Moreover, you will also be asked to submit your personal documents which will serve as identity proof and ensure that you actually are who you say you are. These will also protect you when any fiscal transactions involving your account are not authorized by you. If everything goes well, then you will simply be sent the password to your account to your registered email address. you then have to simply log in to your email address, click on the activation link, after which you will be re-directed to the casino website where your account will be activated automatically.

Logging In

Now that you have all the credentials with you, it is time that you get to enjoy using your account. If you are using the download version of the casino, then all you will need to do is simply click on the link on your desktop. The application will prompt you for your details, after which it will run a check with the database, for your credibility, which means you will need an internet connection. One the other hand, if you are using the flash play version or no download as many refer to it, all you will need to do is visit the casino website and simply select the log in option, submit your details and get started playing the games.

Once you have logged into your account, you will then have the chance to interact with the interface and select the option which you want. You may add funds, explore the promotions section or even play some games. Usually, it is considered a rule of thumb to make sure that you change the password to your preferred one, as it will help you have an easy time remembering it. However, you are free to request a login password at any time if you forget it.

Play at licensed and regulated sites

Make it a habit of playing at reputed online casinos. This will ensure the safety of your funds at all times. Presently it is best to consider ensuring that you opt for the casinos which have been checked by some of the best global casino licensing jurisdictions such as Gibraltar. A license from these will give you the clear picture as to whether the casino software meets its standard, such as periodic updates.

How to make deposits

Before making any deposits, you have to make sure that you are logged in. You will then have to go to the banking option and then from here, access the banking option. You will then need to choose the currency option before you deposit funds, after which you can select from either of these banking options: credit or debit card option, e-wallet option, prepaid voucher options and the final one is the check option. All these options have their pros and cons, which may make one better than the other, from your point of view.

How to withdraw and banking options

Making withdrawals requires you to be logged in first. Then you have to know that the first withdrawal will not be allowed unless all the verification steps have been completed successfully, limits are within the permitted range and also there is a balance in cash balance of the player. You will then select the option of withdrawal. At times, you will realize that some cards are not allowed while others are allowed.

Understanding online casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses are just the free offers and gifts that you get from the casino after you complete a number of tasks. These may vary indifferently from one specific casino to another and hence it is best that you pick the casino which will offer you with the best rates. It is also important to understand the prerequisites to getting these bonuses as they may not be the same for all the casinos. Always look for higher rates!

You may envision this as being the interface or rather your table in a live gambling joint. The most common menu is the games menu which is used to display all the games available for play, and then there is the banking section which allows you to make all your deposits and withdrawals. Finally, there is the promotion section which avails to you the casino’s latest promotions and offers. Withdrawals are however not available for free option players.

Selecting and playing a game

It is very easy to select a game, following the fact that you are availed with the menu. Games can then be accessed very easily in a hierarchical manner, which means you simply have to select the category under which the game you wish to play falls. It is very easy to use as you can simply find similar games under the same category and get started on the fly. If you don’t find a game as intriguing, you may simply select another – so easy!

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