Making deposits at New Zealand casinos online

Making deposits at New Zealand casinos online

Oliver Williams Oliver Williams | Updated: March 17, 2019

You may have understood the game enough and feel that you will actually have a luck in winning real money from the casino. In such a case, you have to place deposits if you wish to wager for real money. Below is a simple breakdown which will give you a complete guide on how to go about placing your wagers.

Login in first

Before you actually place a deposit, you might want to make sure that you are logged in to your account. From your home page. It is best to have one account as you might not want to mix your deposits or make deposits in the account you had not intended on doing so. If you are however confident in your mastery of passwords and account usernames, then you may man different accounts on the same computer and add funds to them simultaneously. This example will however guide you on making deposits to a single account once you have logged in.

Choose a currency option

Usually, your selected currency option during sign up is the one that will be used for your subsequent funds deposits. You have to know that usually, the default currency option is for your country of origin and you may change this to your preferred currency option. Usually, it is best to use the default currency options since the use of other currency options may actually incur you additional costs of conversion rates among others. So, take note of this before you make your decision of currency option.

Place your wager

Now that you have selected your currency option, the next thing is to actually make an effort of choosing the means of completing your wager. What this therefore means is that you will be presented with lots and lots of options of placing your wager. A number of these options include:

Credit card options

The credit card option is the most common as it accepts a number of MasterCard as well as Visas. Usually, you will find this option to be the best owing to the fact that it is very simple as well as familiar to use, meaning you cannot make any errors. All you will need is to key in your credit card number and then this will be charged the amount you wish to deposit. However the only problem with this method is that some areas of jurisdiction actually discourage the use of banks for online gambling activities. This means that unless your bank is allowed to do online transactions, then your credit transactions will be rejected and hence failure of funds depositing.

E-wallet options

This usually uses the pre-existing infrastructure of the banks. This means that you will simply add funds to your online e-wallet account form your local bank, then you can use the funds for other transactions. This is very convenient in the sense that it is possible to transact funds to and from your online bank even if your bank is not allowed to conduct gambling transactions. Thus, some of the third party options which you may use in this case include PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill among others. The upper hand of this option is that it is instantaneous and all your transactions are from your end with no risk of physical cash mobility.

Prepaid vouchers

Prepaid options are by far some of the best options as they are somewhat anonymous and hence protect your accounting trail. With these, you will simply purchase the vouchers against the retail cash and hence use them in place of actual cash. Along these lines, it is also worth noting that these are a onetime transaction and hence once you make the transaction at the retail shop, then that is it, your simply need to cash in your vouchers for deposits. Some options are Ukash and PlaySafeCard.


The use of checks is one of the rarest options as they are very slow, but may be an option in the event that you are not able to use the above mentioned means. For one, checks are way slow when it comes to processing and they may take up to two weeks while the former are somehow instantaneous.

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