The top casino software companies in the world

The top casino software companies in the world

Oliver Williams Oliver Williams | Updated: March 17, 2019

In this article we look at some of the top game providers to the online gaming industry:

Provider # Games Founded  
Microgaming 850+ 1994  
Cryptologic/Amaya 150+ 1995  
Net Entertainment 200 1996  
Playtech 400 1999  
WMS Gaming 100 1991  

1. Microgaming Software

The Microgaming software was created in 1994 and from then has become one of the major gambling software that is used today. It is known for its ability to be light and offer high quality graphics for players. It also has good security features and encryption applications that make it secure more than most of the gambling software online today.

How does the Microgaming software manage the casino games?

The microgaming software has both the real time gaming software and the random number generator software. The RTG (real time gaming software) is the one responsible for the casino interface. The way that the game appears like in the land based casino is as a result of the RTG. The random number generator (RNG) is the software that is responsible for the random nature of the casino games. This means that the games managed by the microgaming software will be fair. To beat the odds in the software, you can only improve your chances of winning. To do that first make sure that you are in a legal online casino so that you can get a fully functional microgaming software. You can also improve your chances to win by placing more than bet in the games if it is allowed. Finally, if you are playing the real money games make sure that you have a bankroll.

How to install the microgaming software to your device

To install the software to your device, you will be required to look for a casino that has the microgaming software. From there choose the download now option and make sure that your device meets the minimum required specifications. Some of the things that you have make sure that are at par include storage space should be sufficient, your screen size should be large about 5’’ and above, and finally make sure that there are no pending updates. Install the application and then make sure that it is secured.

Recovering your password in online casinos

When joining an online casino in NZ, you will be asked to create an account in the microgaming site. You will also be required to submit a password that you will be using to log in to your account. In the event that you forget your password, make sure that you can recall your email address. You will be asked to key in your email address and then a link will be sent to your email. When you click on the link the software will prompt you to key in the new password that you prefer. Make sure that you use bot letters and other special characters that are accepted. Another way that you can you can reset your password is when you choose the security questions. You will find that you will be asked similar questions you answered when creating your account. This is the reason as to why you are advised to use the correct personal information when creating the account. You can also recover through the live chat option. You will be connected to an assistant who will ask you current questions about your account. When you answer them correctly then your account will be reset. You can then in turn create a new password.

Microgaming software FAQ

What needs to be done when I get the install failure warning?

There a number of things that can make the installation of the software in your device. If the application has been corrupted or has been infected by a virus then you will receive this warning. When there is also not enough storage space you will receive this warning.

2. Cryptologic

Cryptologic is an online casino software that manages the games that are offered there. It was created in 1996 and since then it has gained popularity to become one of the best online casino gaming software. People who have had a spin of this software can attest that it is reliable and secure. It has good encryption capability making it one of the most secure online casino software. It also has the capability to offer totally random and fair games. This means that as a brit the games cannot be predicted and you can only improve your chances of winning.

In online gambling there are two versions of games that you can play. There is the flash version and the download version. For the flash version, a player will be allowed to access the casino through the browser. You will be required to make sure that you have equipped your browser with the necessary plug-ins so as to make it easy when streaming. Machines that can handle this graphics will be required to have a graphic processor as some games are heavy.

The download version of the cryptologic, you will find that you will be required to first make sure that your device is supported. When you click the download option in the online casino NZ the system will auto detect the operating system platform that your device is using. From there check whether there is enough storage space in your device to download the application. After downloading, make sure to password protect the application from unwanted access. For the download option the games are way lighter than flash games and you will not need a lot of bandwidth so as to access the games online. You can even play some of the games offline but the score will not be recorded.

Improving your gambling skills in cryptologic

The best way that you can improve your gambling skills when using the cryptologic software is by making sure that you play a number of times. There are bonuses that you will be given as soon as you join the online casinos. Make sure to play the bonus games before you begin the real money games. This will help you to familiarize with the casino environment. During a game, since cryptologic can offer random games then you are advised to place multiple bets. This will help improve the likelihood that you will win a game. When you also play in a casino that is certified you will find that the cryptologic is in its best conditions and updated with the latest security features. This implies that you will have the chance to enjoy fair games. Finally, when in the casinos, you can read the casino reviews on various games so as to learn from experts the tips that they employ. When you practice the laws and tips you will find that with time you will be an experts.

Cryptologic FAQs

Are the games based on cryptologic fair?

Yes the games that are based on cryptologic are fair so long as the casino is certified to operate. There might be instances where the software might be tampered with. If so then the games might be doctored to favor some of the players. The games in a certified online casino will be fair and unpredictable. Check any casino before you join.

For a player to be a legitimate player then they need to be of the age of 18 years and above. There are some of the casinos that will require you to be slightly older and therefore make sure to read the casino terms and conditions so as to know the right age as per that casino.

3. Net Entertainment Software

The net entertainment software has been in use for more than 60 years now and it is known to offer quality slots games. There are casinos that rely on it entirely to run all games that they are offering. They have a good reputation as over the years they have perfected on how to secure and protect its users from unwanted access and malicious applications

How will I improve my chances of winning?

The games that Net Entertainment handles are totally random. This means that for a brit to win then it is based on chance. The games cannot be predicted and that makes the software to be preferred by most of the NZ based online casinos. To improve your chances of winning you will need to:

Make sure that the casino that you have joined is legal. Legal casinos online in NZ are inspected from time to time and they have to offer fair games. Therefore you will stand a better chance to win.

When playing the real money games, make sure that you play the bonus games. With the bonus games, you will be able to practice playing games and with time you will be a professional.

In the real money games you can also split the bet and or place more than one bet. It implies that you will have a wide margin to win.

Do not heed the advice of the players as there are some who might misdirect you for their advantage. Stick to your game always.

It is also advisable that you have a bankroll with you so as to be able last more in the games. For some of the games you will have better chances of winning as you last.

Will I be given bonuses?

Yes, there are many bonuses that you will be given when you join the online casinos. With the casinos in NZ online running on the Net Entertainment software, as soon as complete the sign up process you will be given the welcome bonus. This bonus is given to new players so that they can practice on how to play the games before the real money games. When you deposit money to your account, you will be awarded the deposit bonus. The first bonus you will be given in the first deposit is known as the matching bonus and it is about 100-200% of the amount that you have deposited. There is also a bonus for members who have been active and loyal in the casino. It is known to as the loyalty bonus. When you introduce a new player to the casino, you will be given the referral bonus. There are also brits who are known to place huge amounts in terms of bets. They are known as the VIP or the High roller. They are awarded the high roller bonus. Make sure to read each bonus terms so as to be able to identify the games or the amount of money that is embedded to the bonus. When claiming the bonus, make sure that you use the correct bonus code. Usually they are case sensitive and therefore key them as they appear.

Net Entertainment FAQs

Can I download the application on my iPhone?

Yes, there are casinos that have iPhone casino applications in NZ. You will be required to visit the app store and in the search lobby you type the name of the casino. Make sure that you have an iCloud account as it is necessary for you to download. Make sure that you have enough storage and if not make sure to uninstall unwanted applications to create space.

4. Playtech Software

The Playtech software has been in use since 2000. It is known for their amazing interface that they offer in games like slots, poker games and other kiosk style games. It also has the random number generator that will aid in making the games fair and random. It can also not be hacked easily as the encryption in it is quite complex.

Yes, it is legal to play the casino games in NZ. Playtech based casinos are all registered with eCOGRA and have undergone a number of tests. This means that you will be given fair games when you gamble in those casinos. There are some legal aspects that need to be checked before you begin to play the real money gambling games. They are:

First make sure that you know the legal age that a player has to attain so as to be allowed to gamble online. There are casinos where the legal age is 21 and others 18. Make sure that you have with you a scanned copy of your ID. Read the casino reviews also so as to know the legal age in various casinos.

Make sure that it also legal to play the gambling games online in your locality. Consult the relevant legal officers so as to get the correct information.

Make sure that you are also aware of the tax laws in your area. There are countries like USA for instance when you win more than $1500 that is considered to be an income and you should subject it to taxation.

Make sure that you also play in a legal casino so as not to be a victim of online fraud. In most uncertified casinos, there are high chances that your money will be stolen or when you try to withdraw it will not be possible.

How will I transact in the online casino?

There are two main transactions that you can carry out in the NZ online casino. They are the deposit and withdraw transaction. For the deposit transaction, make sure that the method you choose to use is acceptable to the online casino in NZ. Check the available methods that they have listed. Then log in your money transfer system and add money to your account through the code that the casino will give you. Once finished, your account lobby will be credited with that amount. Make sure to account for transaction charges. When you want to withdraw money from your account, you will simply click the withdraw option and then wait for the money to be transferred to your account that you have specified. Make sure to submit the correct personal information to avoid misplacement of funds. There are also some of the online casinos in NZ that will send you a cheque with your win. From there you can cash it to your account in the bank.

Playtech Software FAQs

How do I reset my password?

There are some ways that are provided in the Playtech software for you to be able to retrieve your account in the occurrence that you have forgotten your password. You will however be required to verify that you are the owner of the account. To reset the password, simply click the “I forgot my password” and then chose the email option. A link will be sent to your mail and when you follow the instructions correctly, you will have reset your password. The other method is choosing the security questions. Here you will have to recall the answers to the security questions. After completing that you will have successfully reset your password.

5. WMS Gaming Software

This gaming software has been in place for 60 years not and are known for their ability to host high quality slots. Over the years they have gained a good reputation for being fair, stable and secure. It is also recognized by eCOGRA to be one of the best of all time gambling software that are available today.

How does the WMS software work?

The WMS has two software applications in it. There is the real time gaming software and the random number generator. The latter is involved with giving the player the land based casino appeal behind the screen. It is also customizable in that you can control the lighting and also music from the casino. The random number generator is the brains behind the random nature of the casino games. The games in the casino cannot be predicted and that is as a result of the RNG software.

How do I begin to play in the online casinos?

There are some steps that you will be required to follow before you begin to play the casino games. To begin with, make sure that it is legal to play the casino games from your location. Brit players should also be of the right age. When joining a legitimate online casino, they will prompt you to verify that you have attained the legal age to gamble. This is possible through uploading a scanned copy of your ID. Read the casino reviews so that you will be able to find the safest and the best WMS gaming based casino in NZ. Usually you will find that they have a well-managed user-interface that is easy to use. Create an account in the site that you prefer from the reviews. Make sure to provide the correct personal information so as to prevent you from forgetting when you will be asked to verify your identity. Claim the welcome bonus and then you can begin to play the games. Make sure that you also read the casino’s rules and regulations.

Is the WMS gaming software biased?

This gaming software is not biased in any way. Over the last 60 plus years since its inception they have perfected their random number generator to the extent that it cannot be predicted. This is what makes casinos that rely on it to be well rated. When gambling, you will notice that the outcome of one game will be totally independent from the next. It implies that all players in the casino have an equal chance to win when they place a single bet all. However, there are ways that you can raise your odds of winning in a casino. When you place more than one bet, you will have raised your chances of winning by the number of the bets. When you also make your stake high, you will also have a high likelihood to win the casino games.

WMS Gaming software FAQs

What will happen if I have pending updates on my device?

If there are updates on your device then it is advisable that you first update the phone and then download the NZ online casino software to your device. They might be critical updates that might improve the gambling experience and therefore do not ignore them.

Will I be taxed my wins?

It will depend on the tax laws. Make sure that you consult tax lawyers so as to get the correct information on taxation of wins. It is a serious offence to abscond the tax duty. When you withdraw the wins and they are within tax limits then make sure that you comply with the law.

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